Monday, February 6, 2012

More iPad, iPhone, & iTouch Apps for Education

InClass - Free This is a great app for students - Contains a class schedule that shows all tasks & assignments for the day. It allows the user to take photo, video, audio or text notes within the app. Electronic handouts can be opened in the app. Notes can be exported via iTunes and shared on FaceBook. Click here for more information. 

MyScript Memo - Free Have you ever wanted to jot a quick note on your iPhone or iPad with your stylus or finger? This app allows you to do so, then converts your handwriting to text! You can export your note to evernote, photo album or email. You can also share on FaceBook and Twitter. Multiple languages are supported.  Click here for more information. 

QRAFTER - Free This app is a QR code reader. What makes it different from all other QR readers is that you can also create QR codes within the app for a $2.99 upgrade purchase within the app. What is a QR code you ask? You see these on advertisement pages in magazines. It is a quick way to get your information out there without taking up a lot of space. For education, you might create a worksheet & put a QR code at the bottom that contains a link to all of the answers for self checking. It is also a quick way for students to go to the same website on their smartphones. Click here for more information. 

Google has a free QR Code generator - click on the link to access: